Monday 13 April 2015

K is for Korea

stamp card from South Korea showing penguins and Antarctic station

It's Monday and, on my self-imposed schedule, I should be showing a map card.  However K map cards seem to be in short supply.  I have none of Kentucky or Kansas, while I have already posted one map of Seoul in Korea and another ancient map of Goseong.

So here we have a postcard issued by Korea Post in 2008, along with a set of two stamps, each worth 250 won, illustrating the King Sejong Station Special.  2008 was the International Polar Year, hence the stamps.

The King Seong Station was established in the Antarctic in 1988, so it was also the 20th anniversary of its founding.  There are 17 researchers all year long but during the "summer" months, the number rises to 60 to 70 people.

My son went to the Antarctic one summer four or five years ago and brought back some of the most amazing photos I have seen.


  1. I bet your son came back with lots of penguin photos? I've always wanted to go for penguin watching in their natural habitat. So far, I've only seen them inside the zoo.

  2. What a clever blog. How on earth do you come up with all these postcards, etc?

  3. What a fantastic opportunity for your son.

  4. This is a great stamp! I have a friend who would love to visit Antartica-your son was lucky to visit

  5. Very neat! And what an amazing experience for your son!

  6. Love your theme! Great post!

    Fellow A to Z blogger at Owl Adventure


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