Thursday 16 April 2015

N is for Nürnberg or Nuremberg

It's hard to write anything about Nuremberg without starting on a lengthy essay, if not a dissertation. I'll be brief.

It's a beautiful and very old city, towards the south east of Germany, dating back to 1050, or even earlier.  That is, at least, the date of the first documented mention of the city.  It was considered for a time to be the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, partly because of the general assemblies and courts held in the castle which you can see on the horizon in the picture.

The postcard shows signs of damage from the post office sorting machines.  This type of damage leads a lot of people to collect only unused postcards but for myself, I prefer them to show signs of their travels, within reason of course. I also like to have the postmark on the back, for dating purposes if nothing else.


  1. Unfortunately Nuremberg will always mean war crime trials to people of my generation.

  2. Despite the recent notoriety I always wanted to see this city for its great history and beauty. Love this card and I would want regular postcards too-Feels more authentic:)

  3. Lovely old city with so much history.

  4. Nürnberg is gorgeous in this postcard! Do you know how old it is?


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