Saturday, 9 April 2016

Hanseatic cities

The Hanseatic League was formed in the 13th century by a group of merchants in northern Europe to protect their trading interests and rights, using their own laws and armies. It lasted about 300 years.

The League has been reformed in modern times, open to all former members, to promote cultural and social ties as well as economic.

It seemed a good topic for collection, either the modern or the old members, but up till now I have very few cards. Part of the reason may be that it seems quite difficult to find a definitive list of members.


  1. great post! Im also into collecting all Hanseatic League memebercities. But what is all? I did some research and composed this list:

    Here my collection so far:

  2. I can send you some of the Dutch cities if you like.

  3. These postcards are quite wonderful!

  4. The postcards are lovely. It would be fun to travel to all the cities to collect more cards.
    Elizabeth Hein - Scribbling in the Storage Room

  5. Cool concept for A-Z.
    Great postcard.

  6. This is cool...I would love to visit Tallinn one day.

  7. A clever take on H...and great images.


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