Tuesday 26 April 2016

Village scenes

The truth is, I don't collect Villages or Village scenes, but I do collect any building with a thatched roof.  T was taken by other topics so here we are with Villages.

A typical English village would, especially in the south of England, have had a large number of thatched cottages, but they are found in many other countries too. The card at the top left shows a house in Germany, and the centre bottom shows an Irish cottage.


  1. These look like images from a fairy tale. :)

  2. Lots of thatched cottages in Ireland. Great postcards. Wonder what the chances that they would hold up solar panels .

  3. Love cottages like this...they seem idyllic.

  4. So you have an option for a like button? It would work well where comments seem unnecessary. You have a gorgeous collection of cards.


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