Friday 29 April 2016


This must be self-explanatory.

Yachts might have made a nice collage, except that I have only one, or at least only one that I can find. I've discovered over the last few weeks that I need a better filing system. Young could have been another theme: young animals, young children.

I did consider "yesteryear" showing some of my vintage postcards but vintage cards don't really look great as a collage.  they are better viewed singly.


  1. I'd vote for this if we could have a nice day today: rain,wind,snow and no chance of seeing a Yellow Brimstone that's for sure.Well done in advance in case I don't get back to you tomorrow.

  2. I came to see if today's theme would be 'Yellowstone' or 'Yosemite.' Yellow is a good choice. Great Postcard collection, and by the looks of the scan copies you do a great job of preserving them.

  3. That is a wonderful collage - I LOVe yellow! ~Liz

  4. Great looks in these it

  5. Happy and sunny! Love the African shot and what I assume is Tuscany.


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