Monday, 2 June 2008

Divisidero, Mexico

Never posted. Bought on holiday February 1998.

Hotel Divisidero Barrancas
El unico hotel en la orilla del Cañón del Cobre, Urique y Taraecua. En la estación de tren en Divisidero Barrancas.

The only hotel on the edge of the Copper, Urique and Taraecua Canyons. At the Divisidero Barrancas railway station.

We took a train ride along the Copper Canyon and stayed two nights at this hotel. The views from the hotel, perched on the edge of the canyon were totally breathtaking and no picture can ever do them true justice. We left the train very tired and very hungry, intending to rush into the hotel before too many of the other passengers did the same, but the views were so unbelievable we just stopped and stared.

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