Saturday, 14 June 2008

Saint Petersburg Cathedral

No postmark or date, but probably 2004/05.
The Church of the Resurrection (the "Saviour-on-the-Spilt-Blood")
It's official name is the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. It has had a 27 year restoration but it does not function as a place of worship.
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  1. That is so beautiful. I am a fan of sorts of photos of pre-revolutionary Russia. The "onion" domes of the cathedrals, as shown here (and in Moscow's Red Square and throughout Russia) are so uniquely Russian. There is a large collection of Tsarist-era Russian photos, from all over the country, available online at the U.S. Library of Congress website.

    The Cathedral of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg, on the banks of the Neva. Gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Max, I'm glad you like it. I think it's an amazing sight, another I'd love to see in real life.

  3. I really love this. Such beautiful architecture and colours!


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