Saturday, 27 September 2008

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Not postmarked because it was sent to me inside a book. The date was 18 August 2004.

E53 Edinburgh Castle

The castle, which dominates Edinburgh's skyline, in its present form dates back to the 16th century although the site was inhabited from the 9th century BC.  The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is held there every year during the Edinburgh Festival. John Allen, an officer of the Massachusetts Militia, was born in Edinburgh Castle.

I used to take my two sons to see the castle quite often when they were small. I remember it well, but what I remember most of all is the cold, cold wind that seemed to be blowing perpetually.
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  1. I was once standing on Princess Street in Edinburgh when I overheard 2 American tourists who were looking up at the Castle. The Lady pointed and said to her husband : "Gee, is that the Castle ?"

    True story.

  2. There's no answer to that :)

  3. I've been to the castle - back in the '80's. And I remember the cold wind, even though it was late May. Beautiful views.

  4. Such a pretty postcard...I like the castle and puffy clouds against the blue sky.

  5. The cold wind is still with us - but so are the fantastic views!
    Going down the hill form et castle, my children always want to go to Camera Obscura - where you can see even more of the City.

  6. I went round the castle once many years ago, and have seen that view a few times since. If you don't know it, from this viewpoint, you wonder how on earth you get up there. But I have a vague memory that, if you walk straight down from the castle, you get to the spooky Holyrood Palace. Would that be right?

  7. I might never have the joy of seeing the castle in person, so I thank you for the picture. As you know, I am a great fan of that fair city as well, and - like you - am a great admirer of the Duke thereof. Thanks again.

  8. @Valdese Blogger, we may have passed! I was there in the 80s too.
    @MBL, it is a pretty card, yes. I don't remember many days quite so pretty.
    @Janet & Lenore, yes the view was, presumably still is, fantastic.
    @Jakill, The Royal Mile, that's what you walked down. Holyrood is spooky? That I don't particularly remember. Could very well be.

  9. @Max, I am not going to rise to that particular bait. Anyone else reading this, be assured that he is very well aware of my views on the Royal Family including the Duke of Edinburgh, and that I will make sure that Max feels less Relaxed very soon! :)


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