Sunday, 28 September 2008

Washington DC

The postmark is unfortunately unreadable but the stamps are beautiful. The card is dated 31 August 2008.

A. Capitol Building
B. White House
C. Washington Monument
D. National Mall
E. Jefferson Memorial
F. Lincoln Memorial
G. Vietnam War Memorial
H. Ford's Theater
I. Iwo Jima Statue
J. Capitol Dome

The sender wrote:
I live in DC and work near the White House. I like to walk down to the National Mall and watch tourists by the Lincoln Memorial. It's my fovorite place in the city. The view is amazing and so inspiring.
One day, one day, I'll get there.


  1. The bottom stamp is a new one, only 2 cents, and honors the Navajo jewelry makers. Pictured is their famous squash blossom necklace. But you new that, I know, just as you know what took place at Ford's theater. I have given up trying to stump you. Perhaps I shall send you some of those little stamps as well.

    I hope you do make it. I really do. But be advised the beautiful pictures do not adequately convey the temperature and humidity of that beautiful place. :)

  2. No Max, I know nothing about the stamps, so thank you :) Ford's Theater is an interesting one to me, besides the assassination, and in a way perhaps to you. I very carefully copied the spelling of "theater" from the card, I remember having to correct my first habitual spelling. Yet when I looked it up to find out more information, both Wikipedia and Ford's own site spell it "Theatre". Now why is that?


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