Sunday, 14 September 2008


Postmarked La Línea de la Concepción. Dated 14 September 1979.

Ronda (Costa del Sol)
City partial view, the Tajo and Bridge.

This isn't somewhere I have ever been, but according to the message on the back of the card the view is quite breath-taking and the card just doesn't do it any justice.

Ronda is famous for its views and for the deep El Tajo gorge carved out by the rio Guadalevín which passes through the centre. Although the city was first settled by Celts, Roman and Moorish architecture is widespread.


  1. Wow. What an amazing sight. I think I'll have to visit tere now!

  2. Spain is beautiful and varied. This picture is lovely. Did you know that Spain has the 3rd largest Hispanic population in the entire world? (Just behind Mexico and the USA.) And such a history, too!

  3. What a wonderful blog - I thought I was well travelled then having seen some of these postcards I ralise I have lots of places still to visit. I will return. Very clever and enjoyable blog.

  4. I live in Ronda, and can tell you that it is a beautiful city, the gorge is spectacular, and the bridge crossing it a marvel of archtecture.

    It's true the Romans were here, but none of their influence remains in Ronda. But about 15km north of Ronda at Acinipo is a ruined Roman city with ampitheatre. There is also a cave about 10km from Ronda with paleolithic cave paintings that are amazing.

    In Ronda, the new brdige and bullring are the two most visited sights. These days most Moorish influence in Spain is restricted to just a small number of palaces, mosques etc.

  5. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. These postcards are a part of interesting history inn far away places. Thanks...


  6. I always enjoy your blog. Therefore, I've awarded your blog an award. Please check my blog for full details. Congratulations!

  7. Thank you all for your very kind comments. You are all extremely welcome.

    Max, I didn't know about Spain having the 3rd largest Hispanic population after Mexico and the USA. Just the other day I read a blog where the poster was complaining that her children had to learn Spanish at school. Why wouldn't they? Seems to me learning Spanish would be a reasonable thing to do.

    I've been to Spain only for fairly brief visits, partly because I like to be able to communicate properly. I've been to Mexico more and in fact found that I can understand quite a lot of Spanish, especially written. It doesn't lend itself to quick-fire conversations though!

    Carl, thanks for your input too. It's great to have some first-hand information. I have visited your blog in the past and know you live in Ronda. I was hoping you'd pass by at this time :)

    SA Hart, many thanks! That really is very much appreciated. I received the same award just a few days ago, so if it's all right with you, I'll update that post to avoid being too repetitive :)

  8. Children in Spain having to learn Spanish? Outlandish, Sheila!


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