Monday, 15 September 2008

Syracuse NY

Never posted or dated.

3. Results of Tornado Near Syracuse N.Y. Sept. 15, 1912

Three people were killed and fifty injured by a tornado which worked a ten-mile trail of destruction across the northern part of Onondaga County late today.  The property loss was estimated at $250,000.

The message on the back of the card reads:
"This is a barn blown down. There were acres of orchards all taken up by the roof."


  1. Wow - some things dont change. How incredibly interesting these postcards are in respect of history.

  2. I'm guessing taken up by the "roots." Amazing, the things that end up on postcards, don't you think? We are so used to pictures of beautiful scenery. This is just as interesting to me, though. In fact, I would be more apt to collect disaster postcards I think. You just don't see them anymore. I think I just had an idea...

  3. i'd never have thought about a postcard like this. What a way to remember history.

  4. I just came across you site because you dropped me an Entre card. Wow! I LOVE the concept and will be adding you to my favorite blogs in delicious. :)

    Thanks for finding me!

  5. What a tragedy! And natural disasters are still happening today!

    I collect postcards too, from all over the world. :)

  6. @Lilly's Life, as you say, some things never change.
    @Max, I no longer have the card to hand so I'm not sure if that was a typo or I misread it. Thank you so much for pointing it out :)
    @Caroline, yes, one way to remember history.
    @Web-Betty, welcome :)
    @ECL, yes disasters still happening. I think we tend to forget they've always happened.


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