Saturday, 20 September 2008

Zamora, Spain

Postmarked Zamora, dated 30 May 2006.

115 Zamora
Cupola de la Catedral.

Zamora, origianlly a Moorish settlement, was once the scene of fierce fighting between Christiona and Moors. In those days it was a very important city but in later years lost a large proportion of its population which emigrated to South America - and there built a number of towns called Zamora, for example in Mexico and Ecuador.

The cathedral of Zamora dates back to the 12th century.  The dome pictured on the card is the symbol of the city.


  1. If you look closely, you can see the city itself in the background, down below. The cathedral looks to be on a hill. Of course, it would be. It makes you wonder what the "city" looked like long ago when the structure was built. Not so large as now, of course. The cathedral was probably the center of everything.

  2. Very beautiful, but I have not heard about this city~~ Maybe I should learn more about Spain~~

  3. @Max, I've noticed that many ancient cathedrals can be seen for miles and miles. It's often the first thing you see of a city. Zamora must have been spectacular especially in the old days. A beacon.
    @Gone with postcards, what a coincidence! I have just received a postcard from Shanghai - a stone pillar from the Tang Dynasty.


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