Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Kokkola, Finland

Postmarked Seinajoki and dated 14 October 2008.

Kokkola, or Karleby, is in western Finland. It is bilingual, with roughly 80% of the population speaking Finnish, and 20% speaking Swedish.  Until 1933 it had a Swedish-speaking majority.  It was founded as a shipping port for the tar trade and became an important ship-building centre.
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  1. That Disney font on the card is just the icing on the cake!

    Your blog made me go look for the postcard collection I had as a child, my grandmother would send me a postcard every Friday. It was really very special to me. When her friends would go on trips, she would have them send them to me too. I hope I can find it!

  2. I do hope you can find your collection, that would be a wonderful thing to have. Very often it's the message on the back that makes it special.


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