Monday, 20 October 2008

Moscow University

The postmark isn't legible to me, but it's dated 1982.

M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

It is the largest usinveristy in Russia, founded in 1755. It also claims to be the oldest, though this is disputed by St. Petersburg University.  In 1917 after the revolution, it was opened to all, and not only the well-to-do. In 1919 tuition fees were abolished.

The main building was one of seven huge buildings built on the orders of Stalin.  At the time it was the tallest in the world outside New York, and remained the tallest in Europe until 1990.  The star on the top of the tower is large enough to include a small room and a viewing platform.

I have no idea who sent the card.  The message reads:
Food great, yoghurt and onion featuring greatly. We have had a number of set tours to the Kremlin/Red Square which are impressive but very crowded, and are now venturing out on our own. The metro is incredible - an architectural feast for 5p.
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  1. So interesting that you have posted this. This building and this University feature prominently in my novel, "Tangled Roots." The building is unbelievably intimidating and impressive.

  2. Sue, thanks! It's always great to have some personal view. That's exactly what I was hoping to achieve here. It often surprises me the cards that do create a response.

  3. And I thought the Union at IU was a large university structure. Not so much after seeing this.


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