Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A week of castles: Day 3 - Powis Castle, Wales

Postmarked Gosport, Hampshire, dated 27 April 1982.

Powis Castle, Powys
Built of red linestone and spectacularly sited on a lofty ridge near Welshpool, the mediaeval Powis Castle has been inhabited without interruption for over five hundred years.  The home of the Powis family, the castle now belongs to the National Trust.

The castle rises giving an excellent view towards England, high above a world-famous garden, French style with Italianate terraces.  It was built in roughly 1200 for the Welsh princes of Powys, hence the view towards England.  In 1578 the castle passed to the Herbert family, who have been the owners ever since.  In 1784, Edward Clive, the son of Clive of India, marrried Lady henrietta Herbert, bringing many Indian treasures into the family.

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