Saturday, 28 February 2009

Althorpe, Northampton

Postmarked Canterbury, dated 26 July 1918.
Althorpe, Northampton.

Although the name Althorpe has been spelt with a final "e", it is clearly the same place as Althorp, the ancestral home to the Spencer family, and the final resting place of Diana, Princess of Wales,who is buried on a small island in the middle of a lake in the estate.

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  1. Hi Shiela, On my particular blog (not sure how many others it affects) the only followers that are showing are those that have remained public the others 50 to 60 have changed to anonymous and their profiles aren't available to get to. There is no apparent way on my dashboard to change other peoples status and mine is marked public - others have to alter theirs blog to blog. Mine was marked public over on Shinade's, The Painted Veil but I still needed to go to her blog and click follow and go through the motions. If only there were an easy option!

  2. I didn't actually know where she was buried.

  3. Althorp is one place I've always wanted to visit,tho not because of Diana, I love the house. I was watching the Antiques Roadshow the other day, and the Earl was explaining that there are lots of spellings and pronunciations for the house name!

  4. I remember the island when her burial was televised. A beautiful place.

  5. @Polly, each person has to sort out their own profile, but should be able to do them all at once from their dashboard. Or at least, it worked like that for me.

    @Marie, it was covered extensively on TV here in the UK that she would be buried on her family estate. It caused some controversy that people couldn't visit, but that may have been for the best.

    @Alison, it is a beautiful house. I saw that Antiques Roadshow too, and that's what prompted me to search out the card. I missed the bit about the spellings and pronunciations though - I must have been too busy looking for the card. A pity.

    @Max, it is a beautiful place. It was televised in the States too? My younger son went up to London for the funeral procession, to cover it live for a website.

  6. I actually got dragged to Kensington Palace while my friends were laying flowers. The strangest atmosphere ever.

  7. Hi Alison, you were there? I'd love to hear about the strange atmosphere some time.


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