Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hearts for Valentine's Day

Brand new.  Photo by Letizia Volpi

I bought this thinking it was a lovely unusual card for Valentine's Day, but looking at it more closely, yes, those are pebbles, and turning the card over, the title is "Hearts of stone".  I had second thoughts about sending it to anyone, just in case they read a message there that wasn't intended.  Nevertheless I'm posting it here so that Valentine's Day doesn't go past unnoticed.


  1. Lovely! You know, I picked up natural stones shaped like hearts along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Don't know why the stones were naturally heart shaped though.

    Happy Valentine's!

  2. Did you really? I had vaguely assumed these were photoshopped so it's nice to know they could be natural. I can't imagine how they would be formed.

  3. Not sure about the sentiment, but I like the stones.

  4. I have a heart shaped stone too! I keep it on my mantlepiece!

  5. @sharkbytes, my feelings exactly. :)
    @Marie, obviously there must be more of them than I thought.


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