Thursday 5 February 2009

San Francisco cable cars

Postmarked Hampton roads, VA, and dated 28 January 2009.

San Francisco's cable cars
San Francisco's steep hills are responsible for the adoption of this popular mode of public transportation - the cable car.
Photo by Ken Glasier Jr. 1988.

The idea for the cable cars came when Andrew Hallidie saw horses slipping when trying to pull streetcars on the steep slopes.  The first public service started in 1873.
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  1. Rice a roni the SanFrancisco treat! ding! ding! Do you remember that commercial?

    Tomorrow is Postcard Friendship Friday (PFF)! I'll see you then:)

  2. I never get tired seeing our cable cars. I have to admit some of those hills are pretty steep and can give you quite a ride.

  3. I can't imagine horses pulling heavy cars up those steep hills.

  4. Love this post card. I have always liked the scene of San Francisco..:)

  5. @Marie, no I don't remember the commercial, but probably it didn't reach Europe. I don't come from the USA. :)
    @jodapoet, I can well imagine that. They must be a great sight.
    @Max, going down must have been pretty hazardous too.
    @MBL, thanks, yes, me too.


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