Wednesday 4 February 2009


Postmarked Antwerp, dated 25 August 1980.
Greetings from ANTWERPEN.

There is no text to say  what the different pictures are, but a little detective work has given me clues.

Top left, the statue of the giant, Lange Wapper, outside the castle, Het Steen.  Lange Wapper is a giant who irritates or provokes people.

Centre, the statue of Brabo in the process of throwing another giant's hand into the river.  This giant was demanding a toll from people crossing the river - or he would cut off their hand.  Brabo's statue is in the market square.

Top right, the statue of Rubens outside the Cathedral of Our Lady.

Bottom left, the River Scheldt, to which Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe, owes its existence.

Bottom right, I take to be part of the market square.  I'm really only guessing this one, so please tell me if you know where it is.
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  1. Great detective work Sheila! :)

  2. That's cool, my brother got me an Antwerpen PUMA shirt. My father collected postcards from people he talked to over the radio. He conversed with people from ALL over. The Asian ones are the best, I think! Such cool architecture

  3. @MBL, thanks! It took some time, I must say.
    @pink, that must have been a great way for your father to get postcards. Amateur radio was it?

  4. Nice collection of postcards you have! Bottom right is a square called 'Wapper' where the Rubens House is located.
    Greetings from Antwerp!


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