Thursday 9 April 2009

Christ Church, Dublin


Postmarked Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin), dated 24 March 2009.
2/D-039  Photography D P Acevedo.

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin: One of the finest of the city's historic buildings, the cathedral stands on St Michael's Hill overlooking the River Liffey.  Founded in 1038 by the Danish king Sitric 'Silkenbeard', it was rebuilt by the Norman 'Strongbow' for St Lawrence O'Toole (Patron Saint of Dublin) in the years following 1170.  The interior is very beautiful, displaying magnificent stonework and graceful arches with delicately chiselled supporting columns.  In the extensive crypt may be seen many ancient items of interest.

I had completely forgotten about St Lawrence O'Toole until writing this up.  On a holiday in France, in Normandy, I visited a small town called Eu where I was interested to find the local church dedicated to him.  Apparently in 1180 he fell ill there on his way to meet Henry II of England, and later died.  Six years later he was beatified and in 1225 made a saint.  So, as well as being the Patron Saint of Dublin, he is also the Patron Saint for Eu.

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