Wednesday, 8 April 2009

St Gaultier, central France

No postmark or date but I believe it must be before the 1950s when I understand the school changed into a collège.
St Gaultier (Indre) - Ecole Supérieure de Filles et Porte Marinière sur la Creuse

A modern day card of almost the same spot.

The mill, which is almost at the centre of the village, dates from 1238.  It fell into disuse some time in the 1980s, was bought in 1999, and now produces electricity from the river.
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  1. That sure is a rush of water in the 50s there, no wonder it is now converted into electric leaving calm waters.

  2. It's wonderful to see the ttwo views!

  3. @Martin, yes the river does look very different. I was so busy being pleased to have found the cards that I hadn't noticed.

    @Marie, I was delighted with the find!

  4. wow! there're so many beautiful postcards!

  5. There certainly are plenty, and plenty more to come! :)


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