Saturday 25 April 2009

Helsinki station

Postmarked Helsinki, dated 3 April 2009.
Helsinki.       Rautatieasema.
Helsingfors.  Järnvägsstation.

This is a new card using a vintage image of Helsinki's main railway station.  It is considered one of the major buildings of Helsinki and often photographed by tourists because of its Art Deco appearance.  There was a contest for designing a new station in 1904, won by Saarinen  but amid calls for more modern architecture.  Saarinen dropped his original plan produced a completely new design which was carried out.  the new station opened in 1919. The large figures either side of the entrance are four statues of mythical giants holding lamps which light the way for travellers at night. The statues were designed by Emil Wikstrom.
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  1. A classic and popular station, tis is the first itmeI seen it and am impressed. I'd probably take a picture is I were there.

  2. Just wanted to say hello Sheila, I hope all is well. God bless.


  3. Hey Sheila !!
    Love the new banner.
    so what's cookin goodlookin ?

    you won the SlogBites Bite a Site and I'm here to leave a comment telling you.

    that's the train station ?
    damn, I went out of the airport so I missed the train station as I did fly into and out of Finland. Nice Building.

  4. @Martin, yes I probably would take a picture too. I looks unique.

    @Jodi, thanks for passing by!

    @RE, hi, how are you?!! Good to see you. Thanks for noticing the banner, nobody else has so far and it's been there a couple of days already. :)

  5. What a piece of chance to have a vintage postcard of Finland !!!
    I would like one too ;0)

  6. Do you want some vintage poscards from France to published on your blog ?

  7. Beautiful. Do you have any information about the publisher, or where this or similar cards might be obtained?

  8. Eddy, thank you, that would be really nice.

    Chris, on the back it says it comes from Postimuseo, which as far as I can gather is a postal museum in Helsinki.


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