Monday, 6 April 2009


Postmarked Nakhodka, dated 12 March 1980.

After a certain amount of detective work, I discovered that this is a card from Vladivostok.  I realised after finding out that Nakhodka was used for foreign shipping during the years when Vladivostok was closed to foreigners, and Vladivostok fits the Cyrillic script.  I suspect the the rest is "something" monument - that fits too - but what the "something" is, escapes me so far.

Vladivostok lies very close to the Russian borders with China and with North Korea.
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  1. It says "Vladivostock, Okeanski Prospekt" - the name of the street. :)

  2. I find this quite different from all the postcard I've seen from you before. Can;'t quite put my finger on why though!!

  3. @Leslie, many thanks! Mystery solved!

    @Martin, it is different in that it's made from very much thinner card, almost only a more substantial paper. Also I suspect it's probably not a view I would normally choose. I found it interesting though, being from behind the Iron Curtain.

  4. in my career as a Travel Agent I sent many business travelers to Vladivostock; where there are many auto plants and lots of manufacturing.

    it's interesting to see how colorful it is on a postcard. Thanks Sheila

  5. @RE, so really very industrial then. I'm always dismayed by how poor my knowledge of the old eastern bloc still is.


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