Tuesday 19 May 2009

Isla de La Palma

The card seems to have escaped postmarking altogether.  It is dated January 2009.
Isla de la Palma
Placeta de Borrero, Santa Cruz de La Palma
No. 409
Photo JJ Santos

From the message on the card:
The Canary Islands are off the south-west mainland of Spain.  All seven islands are very different and a mix of nature.  Four of the 17 natural national parks of Sapin are on the Canary Islands, and one of them, Caldera de Taburiente, is in La Palma.  It is a biosphere reserve.  On the south of the island is the volcano which was the last volcanic eruption of Spain in 1971.  Its name is Tenaguia.  The islands are famous because of their good weather, like spring time most of the time,.  La Palma is a very peaceful island, great to stay if you have a stressful life. We have a popular habit in Carnivals called Los Indios where everybody wears white clothes and throws talcum poweder at each other.  We remember the return of the inhabitants of La Palma that migrated to Cuba.
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