Friday 29 May 2009

PFF: Castle Street, Dover

All these cards and photos are from my father's collection. My parents lived near Dover and my father worked in Castle Street. He always loved the view of the castle from the road up to Castle Hill.

Unused, undated.
Reprinted from an early 19th century engraving of St James Street, Dover.

St James Street was one of the oldest roads in Dover, and until Castle Street was opened in 1830, it was one of the main routes in and out of the town.  From this card and the following ones, you can see that it shared a very similar view of the castle.  The area was badly bombed during the war and there are few traces of the road left.

Unused, undated.
"Sepiatype" published by Valentine & Sons,  Ltd,, Dundee and London.

Unused, dated 1970.

A scanned snapshot of the same view, taken by my father I presume, and dated 1970.

Finally, a photograph of a painting given to my father when he retired.  Again, the same view that he loved so much.  Clearly, everyone knew of his mild obsession!

Coincidentally, almost exactly a year ago I posted two other cards, again of the same view.

A post for Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. I love love street scenes on postcards!!:)

    Happy PFF!

  2. Coincidentally! That's just fascinating Sheila! I think that it's so special that everyone knew where his minds eye was looking. At this beautiful same scene!

  3. Beautiful cards, love the street scene.

  4. That's awesome! He knew a great view when he saw it! Love how those around him saw how much he loved it.

  5. What amazing contrasts these cards show .. so cool!

  6. I love the photo view being compared to the postcard images. Great post. Happy PFF

  7. Hi
    Happy PFF ,what fabulous views.
    These were some amazing cards.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    It was fun to see a photo view as well as the postcard view .
    I just love all the great old postcards and the stories that go along with them.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Happy Trails

  8. It's always interesting to see the same view over time. I like the one with the old cars best.

  9. I just toured my first castle (in Ireland) a few weeks ago, so your post brought a big smile to my face. I can see why it was a favorite view.

  10. I can't imagine living my life in plain view of such a marvelous sight as your father's much loved castle on the hill. I understand why he loved the view.

  11. I think that this is one of my favorite post cards. I can see that one on my wall in my office.

  12. These are very nice and interesting postcards.
    thanks for sharing.

  13. Your father is one of the lucky ones: to have a place that one enjoys so much and to be able to see it every day.

  14. Thank you all for your comments. It is a lovely view and my father was indeed fortunate to be able to enjoy it.


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