Tuesday 2 June 2009

Christopher-Florian Younes

Postmarked Briefzentrum 26, dated 27 March 2009.

A mystery.  I have no idea what this card is about, none whatsoever.  Google doesn't show anything for Christopher-Florian Younēs or for "yellow cat with wings" that I can find.  Does anyone know?  Am I missing something obvious?  I have to hope it's not rude. :)


  1. Mistery! But that's a cool kitty!:D He looks like my toy kitty Haris! Only he's black :P (oh he went to Paris recently!)

  2. Oh, I love puzzles but I am stumped! A mysery indeed!!

  3. I guess it will remain a mystery! If you figure it out, let us know... :)

  4. I'm hoping that in time someone will be passing through and will happen to know the answer. In the meantime..... patience. :)

  5. Hi ! I'm French and I might be able to help you with that !
    I live in the town where this character is from : Orléans. His name is Monsieur Chat (it means "Mister Cat"). Here is its wikipedia page : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._Chat

    As for the name written above, I have no idea who that might be, sorry !

  6. Thank you so much!! The mystery is finally solved. :)


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