Monday 1 June 2009


Postmarked Waterloo IA, dated 7 November 2008.
Iowa ... get a charge out of it.

The sender of the card did say they had just had a storm like this during the previous night, but I was surprised that an electric storm would be chosen to represent a state on a card such as this.  Since then I have looked it up, and apparently Iowa experiences 50 days of electrical storms in an average year, and that tornadoes are common in spring and summer, with approximately 37 a year.


  1. I like the electrical storm topic. I'm fascinated by severe weather -- as long as it isn't near my house.

  2. This is too weird it is doing just that here today, lol! I hope all is well Sheila, just thinking about you. God bless.


  3. @Chris, I actually enjoy severe weather, within reason. I'm not talking hurricanes here, but I do like a good storm.

    @Jodi, hope you're OK then, and that I haven't wished anything too severe on you!

    @Beth, have you lost a couple of days, or have I? :):)


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