Monday 22 June 2009

Verla, Finland

Postmarked Turku, dated 17 May 2009.
A World Heritage Site
Jaala.  Finland

Verla Mill was once a small board and groundwood mill, one of the smallest in Finland.  It opened in the 1870s and closed in 1964 and would not be so remarkable but for the fact that it is extremely well-preserved and few similar places still exist.  I had never heard of the term "groundwood" before this card arrived.  It is the resultant fibre from a wood-pulp grinding machine in the production of paper.  Paper made from groundwood isn't as long lasting as other papers but it does absorb printing inks well.

This attractive and unusual card was difficult to scan.  I tried all sorts of settings but it doesn't show up to its best advantage.  The card it is printed on is a very different quality from the standard postcard.
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  1. I always love your Finland cards. They have the most interesting scenes (usually multiple scenes on one card.) This one is very nice.

  2. Cards from Finland are different, that's true. Very often rural views which are lovely. It saddens me when I see profiles on PostCrossing asking Finnish PostCrossers not to send lakes, rivers or similar views. It seems to me totally against the spirit of the thing.


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