Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Al-An Palace, Najran, Saudi Arabia

Postmarked Al-Khobar, dated 20 June 2009.
Al-An Palace, Narjan, Saudi Arabia.

This beautiful postcard came to me from Ganesh of World Heritage Stamps and Postcards. It is the first I've had from Saudi Arabia and so I'm especially pleased.

Najran, in southwest Saudi Arabia, was an ancient trading centre on the Incense Route and many old buildings still exist there. The Al-An Palace was a former governor's residence and is a great example of local architecture.

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  1. I love looking at these regional traditional forms of architecture - especially the different building materials that are used.
    When I visited Turkey I was able to see traditional brickyards where craftsmen were shaping the bricks in molds in a traditional way.
    Very interesting,
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. Unique looking architecture

  3. I must admit I love it. It's interesting to see something so very different from anything in my normal daily life. It's not a style of architecture I've ever seen before.


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