Wednesday 8 July 2009

O'Connell Street, Dublin

Postmarked Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin), dated 15 August 1960.

O'Connell Street is the main thoroughfare in Dublin, one of the widest in Europe.  It is named after Daniel O'Connell, a nationalist of the 19th century, whose statue can be seen, almost, at the end of the flower bed.  It's also shown in a card labelled Sackville Street which I uploaded last February.

This is one I sent to my parents while I was spending the summer with my grandmother.  The message i wrote amuses me:
We went round the HB factory and we got some ice cream samples.  Last Sunday an old lady was washed up dead but we do not know who she was.  I had muesli for breakfast.
From food to a dead body back to food in one easy move.  Muesli is, I believe, more or less the same as granola for those who may be wondering.  I was obviously at an age where food was of prime importance.  On reflection, I think it still is.

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  1. Actually laughed out loud at your note; that's too funny!!

  2. You made me chortle too Sheila! Ice cream and cadavers in one swoop!

  3. From the postcard, a very wide thoroughfare indeed!

  4. A Dublin- dead bodies and food in the same breath don't sound so strange, perhaps.

  5. The pillar in the background is Nelson's Pillar which was blown up in 1966. The Spire now stands in its place. The flowerbed has disappeared, so too has the Players Please sign.


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