Thursday 30 July 2009


Dated 16 June 1987, but as there is no stamp or postmark, I have to assume it was sent inside an envelope.

Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily and Sardinia.  It was a British Protectorate until 1960 when it became an independent republic.  However, in fact it is divided into Greek (in the south)  and Turkish areas.

It is a very popular tourist destination though by coincidence I know two sets of people who are there at the moment for different reasons.  One set is visiting family which always results in stories of the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" variety.  They consider that to be a documentary, not a comedy.  The others were planning to retire there but are having second thoughts and are instead returning to the vagaries of the National Health Service in the UK in preference to whatever service Cyprus has to offer.

The island has an amazingly varied and ancient history, somewhere I'd love to visit out of the tourist season.
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  1. Shiela, one of my favourite islands. I lived there for three years as a serviceman back in the late 60's early 70's.

    Great place and a great climate.


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