Saturday 18 July 2009

Kelantan State, Malaysia

Postmarked Kota Bharu, dated 9 June 2009
586. Top left. The distinctive arched gateway of the Royal Square, Wayang Kulit (puppet show)
Malaysia's oldest mosque, Masjid Kampung, and fishing boats of Sabak.

This, along with another, was very kindly sent to me by Imajica who is taking a blogging rest now to continue with her studies.  She noticed a lack of cards from Malaysia in my collection, and it's true, this is the first I have posted.

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  1. looks very cultured. i really like it

  2. posted a postcard from my country! The puppet show (wayang kulit) is a unique cultural experience. If you're in Malaysia, watch the puppet show. :)

  3. Thanks, Tina!

    Mei Teng, if ever I get the chance to go to Malaysia, I most certainly will watch a puppet show. I have one or two other cards from Malaysia, to be posted in the future.

  4. oh it's always so exciting to see my card in people's blogs!! :D
    and thanks for putting my card.. it looks great on your site :))
    by the way, even if you cant come to Kelantan to watch the wayang kulit, just simply find them on you tube "wayang kulit kelantan" and you'll get some ideas :)

    sorry it took me a while to get back to your message on my blog. btw, I just went home last weekend, and some mails were waiting for me, including your cards!! :) thanks a lot, they are great! whenever I continue working on my postcards blog I'll put them for sure.

    see you!


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