Friday 3 July 2009

PFF: Airmail

Postmarked Canberra, dated 9 March 2009.

I love this card, I love the ideas that it conveys to me - messages, letters, postcards, our words taking flight.  Freedom?  Liberation?  A simple card that somehow gives me cause to think.
In an odd contrast with what must be the intended message, the card has taken about six weeks to arrive.  Did it walk all the way?  It clearly hasn't arrived by airmail in spite of having ample postage on it. 

A post for Postcard Friendship Friday


  1. That is a really beautiful one! It is such an endorsement of getting back to writing and sending paper mail. As you say, pity it took so long to arrive!

  2. Thanks Emm. Yes, I agree, we should try to write more. For me, postcards are ideal, because I don't have to write too much!

  3. Hi Sheila, I also love this card, perfect in every way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love that postcard. It really fits the mail theme.

  5. And the doves could symbolize peace - which I think is a great symbol for postcrossers everywhere because postcrossing helps brings people from together.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  6. Up, up, and awayyyy! What a thrilling image:) We have carrier pigeons and correspond with a few people in town using them;) It's truly magical each and every time they return or take off! Happy PFF:)

  7. Howdy Sheila
    Happy PFF to you .
    What a wonderful card.
    I really love to see mail .
    In this modern day of rushing and condensing every message down to a quick phone text it is so nice to see the postcard and enjoy words on paper .
    Thank you for sharing this really great postcard today.
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Happy Trails

  8. Oh, the card probably made it as far as San Francisco after a few days, but the USPS admired it and just couldn't bring themselves to forward it along!

  9. I had to google Canberra, I had no idea where it was. It looks like it's in Australia. Heck, that's no where near the moon, which is where I though this postcard must have been sent from to take 6 weeks!

    I love your description of what this card signifies to you - it was lovely. THank you.

  10. adorable postcard!
    happy PFF

  11. One must enlarge the image - it is beautiful.

  12. The six-week arrival of the card could be explained by the letters in the photo turning into kiwi-birds instead of doves.

  13. Oh I love this postcard.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Have a beautiful weekend

  14. Yes !!!! I love this card too !

  15. Thank you all. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Evelyn - of course - peace! A perfect symbol.

  16. Yeah I agree. The message that the postcard wanted to show is so great! Thanks for sharing


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