Thursday 2 July 2009

Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire

This card was sent to me, along with a number of vintage cards, with incredible generosity by Alison of Beloved Eleanor.

I'm sorry to say I've never been so far north in Scotland, but if I did manage to, I would give anything to see this place.  What a superb castle!  A real castle, and it is very much the same as it would have been in the 17th century.

And - it has a ghost!

Thank you again, Alison.  I will be posting the vintage cards over the next few weeks.


  1. What a magnificent castle!

    I have a nagging feeling I have seen it before.

    Perhaps in another life.

  2. You're very welcome Sheila! The castle looks good on here!

  3. @Max you are right that it's magnificent. As to where you may have seen it before, I hesitate to guess. Who knows how many other lives you have?

    @Alison, thanks again. :)


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