Tuesday 14 July 2009

Postcard fashion

Postmarked Dublin, dated 5 August 1978.
Howth Castle, nine miles north-east of Dublin, is one of Co. Dublin's chief beauty-spots and is reputed for its prolific and beautiful rhododendron.  The Hill of Howth (560ft.) affords remarkable views of Dublin city and the Wicklow mountains.  There are particularly fine views from the path above the cliffs which bound the hill on three sides.  Off shore is the little island of Ireland's Eye and further north is Lambay Island, a noted bird sanctuary.

Postmarked San Bartolomeo Al Mare, dated 10 August 1978.
Diano Marina

Postmarked Baveno, dated 25 May 1987.
Lake Maggiore - Isola Bella.

Three cards, two from Italy and one from Ireland, two from the 70s and one from the 80s, but all three have the framing of flowers.  There is something slightly artificial about them, especially the middle one above.  I wonder if it was a postcard fashion from around that time.
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  1. This postcard, especially the first one, reminds me so much of Oregon's Willamette Valley.

    They even have rhodies there! Amazing! I have huge bushes of them in front of my house.

  2. It was policy of John Hinde to put a bush, usually a rododendrum,in place of something that was unsightly and to get the pictureshot right before the card was approved for printing.


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