Friday 28 August 2009

PFF: The Little Red Lighthouse

Postmarked Flushing NY, dated August 11 2009.
The Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge.

There has been a great flurry of postcard exchanges among Postcard Friendship Friday participants, and what better way to celebrate Marie's return than by showing one I received from Maryt/theteach a few days ago, as an example of the friendships fostered by PFF.

It is a lovely photo of the lighthouse made famous in 1942 by a children's book, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Big Grey Bridge.  The lighthouse was built in 1880 on Sandy Hook, then moved to Jeffrey's Hook in 1921.  In 1951 it was due for demolition but such was the public outcry that it was granted a reprieve and is now a city landmark.

A post for Postcard Friendship Friday.
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  1. It has similar color to you postbox logo. :)

    Nice one.

  2. It's good to grant lighthouses a reprieve! After all, they've done the same for thousands of seafaring souls. Nice post and happy PFF!

  3. Hard not to like lighthouses. You hear many such cute stories about them being saved which is great. Sadly here in the US too many people are into what's new vs preserving the old.

    Tell me about this postcard Friday thing. I've not come across it before.


  4. Ah, Sheila, my little RED lighthouse (don't mind my possessiveness). Thanks so much for posting it. I'm looking for my next lighthouse to photograph and make up in to another postcard...

  5. I love lighthouses so I loved this post! :D

  6. Darling postcard! I love lighthouses.

    Happy PFF!

  7. that is the best little red lighthouse I've ever seen. I can see why there is a children's book about it! Happy PFF :)

  8. how wonderful, you have a lighthouse postcard while i featured lighthouse stamps. :)

  9. It always thrills me when people stand up for the right thing. And saving a piece of history such as this, is the right thing.
    Thanks for stopping by today and happy wishes to you on PFF ;-)

  10. Howdy Sheila
    Happy PFF .
    What a great post .
    I am so glad this wonderful lighthouse was saved.
    I love the postcard.
    Thank you for sharing .
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Happy Trails

  11. I can't believe I am in New York every day and I have not seen this!

    Maybe because I don't know where the GW bridge is.

  12. How dare they try to dismantle this horizontally challenged landmark! It's tough being short:) So nice to see you Sheila! It's like a breath of fresh air to be back!

  13. Hello Sheila! I am a new postcard blogger, and am just discovering all the folks who do postcards. Here is my blog, if you want to check it out:

    I'll enjoy following your blog. Thanks!


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