Tuesday 25 August 2009

Temple of Apollo, Cyprus

Postmarked Paphos, Cyprus, and dated 7 April 1986.

The temple was one of the most sacred sites in ancient Cyprus, once surrounded by a forest.  It was so sacred that anyone touching the altar would be thrown from the cliffs.

The message says that the weather was wonderful and the temperature 83 degrees F (28 C), in April.  I believe that is what could be expected. normally but three years ago a friend, whose family is from Cyprus, had an April wedding there.  It was abnormally cold and all the photographs show guests with jackets and cardys on over their wedding finery.  Such a shame.
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  1. A nice site but not a touch on Salamis which is now in the Turkish part of Cyprus.

    Happy memories for me-thank you.

  2. Salamis is a place I don't know so I'll have to look out for it. Thanks Mike.

  3. I intend to visit the temple when I get to Cyprus next week. It looks amazing from the card.

  4. I hope you come back and let us know your verdict, Bjorn. :)

  5. Salamis is well worth a visit as is the old town of Famagusta in North(Turkish Controlled)Cyprus.
    I've been on vacation there in the last few years and some of the shops still sell postcards which pre-date the invasion and show the tourist resort of Varosha which is now a forbidden zone !!


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