Saturday, 26 September 2009

Le Mans, the old town

This is an unused postcard, bought this year.  Up until I saw this card, Le Mans meant one of two things to me, whenever I thought of it:  the 24 hour sports car race, and a relatively convenient, if uninspiring, place to stop when driving through France.

But it turns out that it has a beautiful and well preserved old town and some interesting history.  It was the home of the Plantagenets, birthplace of Henry II of England, and the widow of Richard the Lionheart lived there.  It has been regularly used as a wonderful real film set.


  1. Wow! I had no idea! What an enchanting place. I wonder what hidden stories those stones could tell?

  2. Ha! I think I might have known less about Le Mans than you - I thought it was in America! The old town does look pretty.

  3. @Beth Niquette, it does look enchanting, and I'm now very keen to visit.

    @Emm, I doubt I'd have known if I hadn't been past a few times. We were once on the ferry back from France the day after the race ended. We couldn't think where all the people had come from, until the penny dropped.


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