Tuesday 1 September 2009

Port Arthur, Tasmania

Postmarked Sydney, dated 26 July 2009.
Port Arthur
Tasmania (Australia)
Australian Convict Sites
Nominated for UNESCO World Heritage.

An interesting card this, showing Port Arthur which was initially a timber station but became far better known as a penal colony for British and Irish convicts considered to need the strictest security.  Separate from the other prisoners, there were even boys as young as nine held there.  The prison closed in 1877 and it is now a tourist destination.

The other interesting thing is that the card is produced by the Postcard Interactive Company of Sydney, a small independent publisher with some different cards.
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  1. Wow. Port Arthur looks quite exquisite. I love the old buildings!

  2. As young as nine? I can't imagine what that must have been like. The only Port Arthur I had heard of up until just now was the one on Russia's east coast. Live and learn. :)


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