Monday, 21 September 2009

A seaside holiday 3: Slieve League, Ireland

This postcard has never been mailed.  I'm guessing it's one my sister brought home for my father after a trip she made in the 1980s.
Slieve League, Co. Donegal: Thevillage of Carrick, 3 miles north-west of Kilcar, is a starting place for the ascent of Slieve League (1,972 feet) and for exploring the magnificent cliff scenery of the adjoining coast.  Those who wish to explore Slieve League and other nearby cliffs, must be prepared for hard climbing.  Having negotiated the precarious climb to the summit the visitor will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views in the whole of Co. Donegal.

Another wonderful piece of coastline.  It sounds a little too energetic for me but the viewsmust be wonderful.


  1. That’s beautiful. A little scary though. You could do it. :)

  2. This is the most beautiful of the seaside holiday postcards so far. It's looks like a fantastic place to explore :-)

  3. My Irish ancestors of long ago were from County Donegal. I've visited Ireland a few times but have not had a chance to visit that area as time!

  4. I really must get there again. I was very young when I was in the area, and really didn't appreciate it fully.

  5. How wonderful, I actually have this postcard in my collection from a trip made long ago. You can drive up to the cliffs, quite a narrow way but well worth it on a fine day, no exertion needed!


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