Friday 16 October 2009

PFF - Beautiful in Blue

Don't look now - the male pin-up!

Postmarked Briefzentrum 66 which is Saarbrücken in Germany.  The date is 8 August 2005 - one of my earliest Postcrossing cards.

The sender hoped I wouldn't be offended, but said it was issued by their local radio station and that the man was actually her friend's ex!  I have to say I think he's rather beautiful, not my type, but beautiful nevertheless.

Find more players at Marie Reed's The French Factrice.

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  1. Not quite Michelangelo's David but good muscles, regardless!

  2. That's a nice design--wish I knew what the words mean.

  3. I guess this is one interpretation of the term "equal opportunity",

  4. It says "He hears it...beautiful"
    I still don't get what it has to do with the radio station, but it's so amusing to see a naked male body used gratuitously rather than a female one.

  5. first I didn't notice the words on the card. ;)

    Very interesting card for a radio station to send out!

  6. Egad. Yes, indeed--he's quite picturesque. (Grin) Thank you for sharing!!!!!

    Happy PFF!

  7. I wonder if the naked man helps advertise the station or distracts people from the advertisement? Just another one of those things that make you say, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....


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