Thursday 15 October 2009

Blog Action Day, French wine and Spencer Tunick nudes

This is an unused postcard I bought in the UK last summer.  It may even be prophetic.  Today is Blog Action Day for climate change and wine production in France is very closely attuned to the climate.

Each individual wine region has its own characteristics which are very sensitive to change.  Already harvesting seasons have become earlier, making wines unbalanced.  Moving wine growing to new areas will not produce the same wines and failure to cut greenhouse gases will devastate the whole industry.

To highlight the problems, Spencer Tunick teamed up with Greenpeace's office in France and invited 700 people to pose nude in a vineyard in Burgundy, which, coincidentally is where the wines in the postcard come from.  Spencer Tunick’s artwork has challenged humankind’s relationship with its environment for more than 15 years.

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  1. This was so moving. It is hard to believe there are cynical people in this world who think these sweet caring people are actually out of touch with reality. The filmmaker said sometimes you have to do things like this to raise people's attention. Although I didn't see anything at attention, I'm sure they had heightened awareness.

    Has France's wine-producing regions suffered greatly due to climate change? Or was this a preemptive strike? At any rate, assuming the vines survive all those hundreds of trampling (but well-meaning) feet, this is a cause I would encourage everyone to stand up tall and show support for.

  2. This is amazing in many ways, including that a television news program devoted so much time to the story. I don't think that would happen in the US. I know Tunick has done projects in the US, but I suspect they got the barest of mention on the network news.

    And the postcard is wonderful. I love wine, though I don't have a strong appreciation for good wine... yet. I'm learning. The lessons are great :-)

  3. what a brilliant and well thought out blog post for blog action day...a great spin on the climate change theme!


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