Wednesday 7 October 2009

Wulingyuan Scenery, China

Because I can't read Chinese script, I can't read the postmark to tell me where this was posted.  It's dated 7 September 2009, and the stamp is pre-printed with the same scene as the card itself.
Wulingyuan Scenery
Fairy Presenting Flowers
FP7 10-4 1998 B

This area is known for its peaks, its unusually shaped pillars, deep ravines, streams, pools and waterfalls, and caves.  The peaks made of quartz and sandstone are perhaps the most spectacular.  The one shown here seems to be translated variously as "Fairy presenting flowers", "Fairy maid presenting flowers", "Heavenly maiden presents flowers".  I feel sure they are all the same place.  All the names are as beautiful as the place itself.

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