Thursday 19 November 2009

Painting al fresco

An rather amusing card this one, sent to me from Cedar Rapids, Iowa on 10 July 2004, though I don't think it's intended to be.  How often does an artist go out for a day's painting wearing a white shirt, neatly pressed trousers and of course a tie, balancing the canvas on his knee?  I'd like to bet that even his lady friend, reclining before him, would have a very sore elbow after a few minutes like that.  The card is produced, it seems, by a company called Quantity Postcards.

I think it must have been sent to me through a card exchange in the days before Postcrossing, possibly organised through BookCrossing.  On the back is a quote from Wasteland:
"And I wanted more than anything else for it to rain for one whole day like it used to."
Not appropriate for current conditions in the UK, where we currently are experiencing flooding in several northern areas.
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  1. That is really funny--a real artist would have an eisle--and he would be all bespattered with paints. There's no way the guy could paint with the canvas on his knee like that--unless he's faking to, er, impress the girl.

    You're right--she surely would not be able to maintain that pose for long!

    How funny!

  2. Yes, it makes me laugh though I'm not sure it's supposed to. :)


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