Friday 20 November 2009

PFF: Friendship

I am late posting today, but for once I noticed that Marie's theme is Friendship, and I am able to tie in this card which has the words "Mes Amitiés d'Ambérieu", my friendly greetings from Ambérieu.  I've made many very good friends through Marie's The French Factrice, so it's a very apt theme.

There was obviously a stamp on the back of this card, but it was removed even though it had been cancelled.

I'm wondering if the N.A. followed by some letters signifies some form of forces postal service because I have a series of postcards apparently sent by the same person showing submarines, troop ships, and so on, from 1920.

The message gives further information:
"Dearest Elsie
Am in Ambérieu, today Tuesday.  Will reach Venice next week.  Fine time.  Your old Bill.  Good messieur [sic].  xxxxx"
In the same collection, I have several cards from Venice too.  But the greeting and the sign off with xxxxx seem to imply rather more than just friendship. :)

This is a post for Postcard Friendship Friday.


  1. I had been wondering about the translation of "Amitiés" because it seems to be used the same way we use "greetings from" but also implies friendship.

  2. I used to live in a town called Amity. The story goes--there were two sides of town, they fought constantly until someone was hurt.

    That is when the townsfolk got together and renamed their town "Amity," which means Friendship.

    Lovely post--and the postcard is exquisite.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy PFF!

  3. Hi Sheila, I posted your lovely card for my PFF post this week! Thank you so much. Your Amity postcard is excellent! :)

  4. Hi Sheila,
    This is such a beautiful card. I guess there was a stamp collecting frenzy at the turn of the century. People often tore them off roughly. They are missing from many of my postcards.

  5. Gorgeous card. Enjoyed your post. Happy PFF!

  6. Beautiful card, and so thematically appropriate! :)

  7. Great card. I like how you imagine what the background to the relationship may have been.

  8. This postcard is so vintage-isy beautiful !!
    Framed with flowers make the postcard look so feminine and romantic.

  9. This is lovely one, good match to the theme too!

  10. Beautiful post and postcard!

  11. He's all kisses and no hugs! I'll sign off with XOXOXO :) Wonderful Sheila!

  12. Beautiful card, Shiela! And definitely perfect for the theme. Hope PPFF (post postcard friendship friday :)


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