Sunday 6 December 2009

Chester Cathedral

This card has never been used at all, no writing, no date, no postmark.  I think it probably dates from the 1960s.

Chester, The Cathedral from the south-east.
This magnificent church is said to have its earliest foundations in Roman times , when a church dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul traditionally stood on this site.  The relics of St. Werburgh, legend has it, were brought here in 875 but the earliest document referring to the church dates from 958.  In 1093 the foundation was changed to an Abbey of Benedictine Monks and dedicated to St. Werburgh.  It became a cathedral after the Dissolution in 1540 and was dedicated to Christ and the Blessed Virgin.


  1. What a beautiful building. What a marvelous find!

  2. I love Chester. It is one of my top ten places on Earth to visit. We have a division up in Chester (in property - my old industry) so I cosy up to the management up there a lot in case we ever decide to make the move Up North. I'm shameless.


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