Monday 7 December 2009

Flowers in Thailand

This very lovely card shows a landscape in Northern Thailand.  Doi Hua Moe Kham is on the border with Myanmar in the Chiang Rai province.  The yellow flowers are Mexican Sunflowers which cover the hillsides in the cool season in November and December.  They are especially beautiful in the early morning mists.
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  1. I have trekked in this area, although not when the flowers were out-beautiful scenery.

  2. Just beautiful....I haven't trekked there. I can't imagine trekking anywhere, at my age. How nice that Mike could do so!

  3. Hi, I love your blog with many beautiful images..

  4. @Mike, must be quite a sight!

    @Rnsane, yes, Mike has an advantage there.

    @Vigor & CafeJW, thanks!


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