Saturday 12 December 2009

New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand has stopped adding a location to their postmarks, so I have no way of knowing where this has come from.  Well, all right, from New Zealand, but nothing more accurate than that.  This general postmarking apparently started in 2006.  There is a code included on the cancellation which can be used to track a mail item, but in this case it's illegible.  It's a great deal easier to guess a placename than to guess a number.

New Zealand Sheep Farming
Considered for years to be the backbone of New Zealand's economy, the meat and wool produced by New Zealand's sheep farmers is exported all over the world.

I think this little fellow (I'm certain it's a boy, aren't you?) is adorable, and he could sell me anything! :)  I wonder if it's photoshopped or if they really did dress him up.
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  1. "A Postcard A Day" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  2. Glad you like it, Mike.

    FishHawk, that's really good of you. I appreciate it.

  3. Hello Sheila! Thought you might like this post of sheep, too.

  4. awww so sweet! is there anything lovelier than a little baby lamb? especially in hat and jumper :D

  5. I love New Zealand and I was amazed at all the sheep on the was almost like snow!


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