Sunday, 10 January 2010

Magnificent mailboxes from New Mexico

Magical, memorable, marvellous mailboxes, in fact. They are clearly American because the back of the card says:

H7599- Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico

But the card is equally clearly French, printed by Aquarupella, Imprimerie de l'Ouest, La Rochelle. It was sent to me on 30 October 2009, from Paris, with a stamp showing the Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux. the postmark though, doesn't show a place, just the date and a code number.

That is a disappointment to me. When we lived in Paris, I noticed that each arrondissement had its own postmark and my ambition at the time was to have an example of every one of the twenty. Needless to say, I never did manage a full set, and those that I did collect haven't survived the several moves we've made since then. It looks as though that particular ambition will be impossible to fulfil.


  1. Sheila, thank you so much for stopping by, it was so awesome to see a comment from you. It has been so long and I am sorry. Time seems to just slip away from me these days.



  2. These mailboxes are along a stretch of road in Sante Fe, New Mexico, that is know for its high concentration of art galleries. I have the same postcard (I'll be writing about it in a few weeks) and the next time we go to that area of the US, I plan to make it a point to visit that road.

  3. That is very pretty! With the magic on the internet and a significant downturn in the use of past, you'd think post offices worldwide would be catering more to fans of postage and collectors fo stamps. They are just making it more plastic and electronic and I don't think doing away with stamps or post marks is the way to go.

    Compare it to the wealth of information, photos and lyrics bands are starting to put into CD booklets now that they have to compete against illegal downloads.

    Heh. Lunch break tirade over... as you were.

  4. Cool Mail boxes. We don't use one; have a mail slot in the side of our garage where things fall into a basket. We can have multiple days worth of stuff which is great if we're going away for a day or so, plus it keeps it all dry and I don't have to walk to the curb to get the mail.


  5. Sheila, I love these colorful, dreative mailboxes! I wish they's make these in New York! :)

  6. Must make getting the mail more of adventure, most mailboxes are a little on the dull side.

    I think your goal of the post marks is possible, you just have to have twenty people with the right marks stop by and want to give you one.

  7. Coming around for a visit - cards like this make me want to paint my mail box. But mine isn't as nice - it's one that is on the house. And while it is nice to be able to grab mail from the front door, it is very hard to make it personal!

  8. @Jodi, hello and welcome! I know the feeling about time slipping by.

    @Postmuse, art galleries! That explains it. Not your average, everyday mailboxes then.

    @Emm, the trouble is the postal services are on the whole making too much of a business of it. First day cancellations are available, I know. But getting attractive stamps is becoming more expensive at least in the UK. They never have the lower rates in so you have to pay extra if you want anything special. Irritates me too.

    @Sandy, same here, nothing exotic at all, but as you say, convenient.

    @Mary, maybe you could make your own? :)

    @Descartes, lateral thinking - I like it!

    @Shaunna, I'm sure it's not as boring as my letterbox in the door. I couldn't even paint that.


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