Saturday, 9 January 2010

Singing in Barry

This card is dated  19 October 1907 and postmarked Barry BO Glamorgan.  I though possibly the road shown, Windsor Road, might be where the sender was staying, but no, the address given is Princes Street.  Barry is in south Wales, not far from Cardiff.

The intriguing message on the back reads:
Dear Miss D received your kind letter safely Cannot send a letter very busy working and singing So I hope you will accept PC I hope to send you a letter has [sic] soon as possible awfully busy now working late every night till 7 PM and sometimes all night kind regards best wishes JTE
What on earth can he have been doing?  I've been assuming it was a "he" which I suppose is a big assumption.   Who would work all night?  My first thought was that he/she was a singer, but surely not all night?


  1. Yes, I am curious what kind of job - in the medical profession?

  2. No time for a letter. Good thing he had time to go out and buy a postcard and come back and write it. It's a he. :)

  3. Carmel, I never thought of the medical profession. Of course, that would fit.

    Max, thank you, I would never have dared come up with that explanation. :)


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